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OSJC's Quake: descent into heresy - a heretic mod for zdoom

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your fatigue was enormous. after scouring the four realms for the ancient runes, vanquishing untold horrors and despicable mutants, only to face the mother of them all; shubb niggurath, overwitch of the dark demense and defeat her once and for all, via a handily positioned slipgate.
Now you were ready to get back to earth to do a whole lot of nothing for a hell of a long time.
After a surprisingly quick debriefing back at slipgate command you return home in your pickup, satisfied at a job well done. Shubb niggurath was gone, the runes safely stored in stasis back at slipgate command and early retirement seemed more than welcome now... so why didn't you feel safe...

the Apsotatic pact.
it had not escaped shubb nigurath's notice that the slipgate system opened doors to more than just the known realms of old.
with the earthlings mounting a counterstrike, it was time for a little insurance policy.
A long vanquished demi-god of the serpent-riders-three seemed a likely candidate for a new ally.
the simple matter of his ressurection via the power of the runes ensured complete control over her new puppet.
with the help of a few of her minions, D'sparils lands were restored to their former glory, albeit forever tainted and twisted by the dark powers of quake, ready for reoccupation of his forces.
filled with new technologies and artifacts stolen from earth by shub niggurath's underlings.
and there, as a slave in his own rebuilt kingdom, D'sparil awaited his mistress' call...

the mission.
You'd barely been home a week when the desperate calls of the general came through early one morning. urgent information regarding the slipgate incident requires your immediate attention.
guess shubb nigguraths not done with you yet.
Hot-tailing it back to the base the damage around makes it clear there's recently been a rather nasty firefight. the general lays it all down.
seems they managed to capture one of the invaders alive enough for "interrogation".
"shubb niggurath's death has sparked a major power struggle resulting some interdimentional asshole call D'sparil causing a ruckus, seems he's in dire need of a good ass-kicking." at least thats how the general put it
"apparently his entire army is psychicly linked to him. kill D'sparil and its all over..."
you know whats coming. its obvious.
"'re the best man for the job, son. noone else has ever come back from a slipgate mission in one piece."
you simply nod and go to gear up. retirement is looking anything but quiet so far...

as you approach the awaiting slipgate pad you summarise the situation with the general. "so, I go through the gate, kill all the badguys, assassinate this D'sparil and save the world..."
"just another day at the office for you, eh son?" smiled the general
"it shouldn't get old general..."
you pump your shotgun and step through...

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