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This is the story of multiple floors. Prepare for the scariest challenge of your life.

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Before the story begins..... close your eyes. Imagine that you are an employee at NASA.. the only one with the
keys to a secret room....... the story continues....

CHAPTER 1: Wake up.
Hey! Wake up. Black Mesa just contacted us. They want us to send that rocket over. How are you going to transport it, you think?
It has a secret portal technology. You are the only one with the keys to the room. Why are you the only one with the keys? Stupid.
Hurry up...

You only need to go 19 floors up.

CHAPTER 2: Aliens!!!
When you get to NASA, you find out it is invaded by aliens (the ones from HL1). You need to go all the way up the 19 floors until you get to the ROCKET-BLA1905 control room.

Prepare to be challenged....

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