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The story for the game is being re-written to be less ... cheesy. More after the clicky.

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UPDATE discussion link.

First off, the Thursday update will be gone soon, as me and GB are now in college on Thursdays. It'll be on-demand now.

Now, the main point of this update is to let you know about the story of the game and how it will be ... say played out.

The game WILL have a strong story behind it, but it is up to you, the player, to use what knowledge you gain from each map to piece together a non-linear story.

What this means is, for example in one map there may be a police recording of an emergency phone call, which does not have any direct relation to the map you are currently on, however, it may help you drastically on another map, it's up to you to figure these things out.

Don't be thinking that each map is not going to feel like there's a story behind it, we have two levels of the story, the first is what will lead you through each and every map of the game in a linear order, which, will be enough to indulge you in this zombie crisis, but the second level will be what you can find in each level and how it pieces together with the first level of the story to create a totally different view on what's happening. This second layer will be non-linear, so finding a police recording in say Dead Street, may not have any sort of connection with the events of the first level of the story for that map, but then on the next map, you may find that the recording fits with an event there.

This not only makes the games story more complex but it changes the need to simply work your way through the map, so instead of just fighting through the hordes of zombies to get to the end of the Dead Street, you might indeed, wish to get to the top of the warehouse to find a key piece of information*.

We have a large amount of the story planned and we have basic ideas of how some of the other maps need to be, but most of the work is currently going into Dead Street for the Alpha release.

*There may not be anything at the top of the warehouse, this was an example. Discuss:

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