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After Months and Months of mind boggling, mod making, picture taking, photo-shoping work Vault 151 is almost complete, and has a release date.

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Vault 151 Started on the 21st of February 2010,
and after many, many months its almost finally got to that level, Its almost ready.

At first the mod started with just me, (Ryanjames20). Then the Vault151Team grew and grew, and now we have over 8 members, and thats not including the voice actors that we are getting :D.
It all started with the idea of, A fully functional Vault.... Something that hadn't been done already, a vault that doesn't have any sealed doors, a vault that didn't have doors that went no where, a vault that the player could live in, peacefully, with a small community.
But then it changed, COMPLETELY. Then after I (Ryanjames20), experimented I found myself making reactors from Mothership Zeta, and elevators from Anchorage. I found myself making something completely different from the original plan. And (at that time) people liked it, in fact they liked it better then the original. And I do have to agree, it was pretty boring. So after many months of playing around with the GECK, scripting, creating, re-texturing, I found myself making something truly one off, something that had never been done before.
And now, almost 5 months in I have to say, what we are making hasn't been done before!!
Overall the story has completely changed from the original, but in a good way.
The story starts with the player, meeting someone from Vault 151 outside megaton. Soon after a short conversation the player will find himself outside the door of Vault 151, with a number of other people. The player will be taken on a short tour and have a orientation video. Then the player will meet the Overseer, and be taken to the reactor level. Once there the Overseer will tell him the truth about why the player was called to Vault 151. The player will learn a little bit of information about the Vault, about the VES's, about the VASAS, and a little more, before the Overseer says to the player, "Your not ready". After this short talk with the Overseer the player will go back up to the main level with the Overseer. When reaching the main hall many alarms will sound and the player will be told the problem. People will run and hide, People will flee and die. The Overseer will be killed, you will be offered the job, you can accept or refuse. The player will not learn the rest of the story, until the one has come........ The player must find, the one...... The player must learn the truth about the Vault.... The truth is closer then the player will think..........

Vault 151 : Coming 1st August 2010


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