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The story about why we started Origins in the first place, and why we had to change a lot of things...

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Origins is a project developed by 6 students of the school Supinfogame as part their last year.
However it started out as a completely different game than what it is today...

As said, we are students and during our third year every one proposes a concept.
Our concept was then called Evolver, and was a rough game about natural selection based on Darwin's theory of evolution.

The game was selected, but had to be changed as the theme was badly perceived by the jury (and wa have to admit that it was easy to see it for what it was not: a cruel and harsh game, putting you in a god like state: selecting the ones who would survive and killing the weaker ones...)We worked hard to keep both the theme while respecting our intentions (a fun and dynamic game in an immersive world)
Thanks to all those changes Evolver became Origins.

Adventure targeting a casual audience, Origins depicts the epic story of a cuddly creatures tribe looking for their lost protector (stolen by a dark magpie!)
Highlighting moral values like the importance of solidarity and diversity through a fun experience, Origins is a dynamic game of exploring and puzzle solving.

To put it in a nutshell, Origins is

: Adventure - Action (as it contains platforming, thinking and exploring)
Platform : Consoles and PC (Developed on PC)
Target: Casual gamers looking for a new and accessible experience.
Number of players : 1 Player

So how do you play Origins? First of all, plug your XBOX 360 into your controller

· To surpass the obstacles in your way, you will have to use the diversity of your tribe.
o Each mutation will give you new ways to impact the environment.

Thus there is not a "good way" to win, but several very different ones.
· You can assign one Origin or more of each mutation to a task.
o They will then try to interact on the element you directed them to

· However, far from you, they will quickly become bored with their work
o Your role, is to control their concentration, and keep them interested by staying close to them.

so that's pretty much the whole thing ! ... Or not really cause we haven't introduced you contextual gameplays nor the crowd control!

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