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Ray is'nt really the guy who loves beeing in the front, or making much of himself. But then he awakes in the Lindsey Park after a long walk, without rembering anything since he entered the citypark...

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Ray isn’t really the type of guy who loves being in the front or making much of himself. But then after a long walk, he awakes in the Lindsey Park, without remembering anything since he entered the city park. Dazed, he found himself in his darkly and destroyed Town "Bravefalls".
Equipped with a blue crystal in his hand, he tries to find someone in his town, but the only things he finds are dreadful looking creatures who want to see him dead. Completely alone only with the crystal which gives him some strange abilities, he tries to find a way through the darkness. The only active light is the lightening crystal in his hands, which doesn't make the investigation easier or more pleasantly.
Fast he understands that he's the only one who is able to do anything and he has to do anything to find out what happened and what the consequences are…

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