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A brief telling of what was and is Urisis The Darkthrone.

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Urisis...About 5 years ago (yeah 5 years), I and only I decided to abandon the previous fan game I was creating which was based on the Mortal Kombat franchise. Apparently my external hard drive had broken... In this I decided to modify the an older version I had on file. At first the game was titled Deathrize - The Throne of Darkness. At first the storyline was completly different, it was the usual light versus darkness, the world against demons, luckily after having some difficulty with the storyline not fitting in with my exopectations I decided to place to "create" the world of Urisis.

Urisis revolves around a beautiful, ancient, and magical world dedicated to peace, prosperity and love. Yet it wasn't always like this. Many centuries before, the world of Urisis upheld a war between the good of it's people and the dark cold race of beings who inhabited the cold regions of Urisis. This cold evil race of beings where lead by Draconan, king of the Darkthrone determine to rule the planet of Urisis. The King of Urisis who was then Urek would not stand to see his world he so much loved, cast in flames, and so it was done. Draconan was soon encased in stone with magic and might, the very being that was so willing to conquer Urisis. This was only the beginning. After centuries of peace and prosperity the secret evil race of the cold steadily pieced themselves with an army of evil so powerful it overtook the then old Urek. With his blood they overtook the army of Urisis and set Urisis in flames. All was gone except for the one they named Merciless... as the one son of Urek, Merciless, overtook control and vowed to bring the land to it's rightful throne.

As a hobby, using the few hours I had after coming home from work I developed the game adding, creating but mainly revamping the many aspects of the game. I could of have made this game very simple with a lot less content, but who wouldn't want 38+ characters each with their different play styles. I think the most difficult task is the world making. I would sometimes just stare at some digital art for hours trying to piece together the creative aspects of the game. Luckily I used Game Maker the game engine created by Mark Overmars, this free piece of software has made creating games so much easier. With little time I had my little world of Urisis. Of course I did not have other powerful programs like Photoshop or illustrator, I used programs like Dogwaffle, MS Paint, and Pixia.

We'll enough said, I hope you find the SUPER 11 playable BETA download fun. See ya.

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