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Development Blog 1 for the Stormlight Archive Bannerlord mod.

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Hello all, welcome to the first Devblog for the Stormlight archive Bannerlord mod. We are making good progress with getting the mod up and running but we are still at the beginning.

Meet the current Dev team working on the mod:

CouldntDeal is the main man heading the project

Rake - Developer 8

Crystal Lore - Developer

Ridge - Developer

LariGuilger - Developer

Max - Developer

Bored... - Developer

MagicPowa - Translator/Developer

sLxZomblx - Story Writer

and myself Shaun - Community guy/Lore Historian

Current work in progress:

Rake has been working on creating the books characters in game and they all look great and accurate when compared to the books descriptions. As well as characters rake has been working on implementing the stormlight worlds Princedoms and cultures into the game.

Dalinar Sadius Gavilar

Max and ridge have been working on custom light eyed and dark eyed troops creating custom trees and templates for each unit.

I am currently working on making custom mehses for shard blades and shard plates on blender.

As a whole we are discussing what kind of quests will be implemented for the player to do. We are trying to keep the mod story and events as close to lore as possible.

We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, this is a community driven development so do not be afraid to share and voice your opinions in our discord server!

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