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Some updates and name changes, it may make you weep... who knows.

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New Project Icarus Logo

Hey everyone. I have some news for you all. Some is bad, some is... well, let's just go with news.

Project Icarus is now a working title. We've decided to change names because there are over 500 games on indiedb alone with Project and the letter 'I' that follows. Rather than being grouped with other games, we want to stand out. So the game will be called something else. All this will seem moot in the next paragraph, but remember, this project isn't dead!
Project Icarus has been put on hiatus. The game is so large that we just can't do it with 12 people working 10 hours per week. We need at least 50 people working full time. So until we can get to that stage, we have to put it on the back burners for right now. It will be worked on, but very slowly by members who are waiting to do things.

We've moved onto a new game, which will be for Xbox One, PS4, and the PC. It's a 2D platformer shoot 'em up concept we've been working on for a while. I won't announce anything yet until I have some screens for you, and a website that will be going up. The reason we've gone this route is because how massive Project Icarus planned to be. The team and myself have decided to start smaller in order to get the flow of working on a game, then moving to bigger and better things. Nothing pains me more than to see a game like this put on the back burners, but we have to think smaller as a team to achieve a lot more in the future.
This page will be updated when our artists have finished the final touches of what we had planned. After that, this page will probably go cold for a while.

I thank you all for sticking with us this far. I wish we could satisfy everyone with this game's release, but I promise you the things we're working on right now will be well worth the wait.

With all the love,
- The Project Icarus Development Team.

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