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So I have gotten the layout of the US Marine Corps, the Spetznaz and the Afghani Rebels done, they will all have different playstyles.

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Marines will use strenght and spearhead attacks as their main tactic.
Heavy Infantry Squad - 10 soldiers
Light Infantry Squad - 8 soldiers
Sniper team - 1 spotter 1 sniper
Machinegunner - 1 M60 Gunner
Bomb Squad - Inspired of Hurt Locker
Platoon Leader - Hero Unit Spetznaz will be using high discipline and covert ops to beat their enemies.
Submachinegun Squad - 10 submachinegunners
Rifleman Squad - AK 101 gunners
Heavy Mashinegunner - 2 dshk gunners
Sniper Team - 1 spotter 1 sniper
Undercover agent - hero unitAfghani Rebels will be using guerrilla tactics to beat their foes aswell as IEDs and other stuff.
Suicide Bomber - 1 guy with bomb belt
Mercenary - 10 well equipped soldiers
Insurgency Section - 10 Ill equipped soldiers.
Bomb Planter - 1 insurgent with bomb

USA will be using the AC-130 Spooky and the blackhawk marine edition.

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