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This is only half the story of the star maps Revan and Malak go after. Dantooine, Korriban, and Kashyyyk.

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As many of you know after the Mandolorian Wars; Revan and Malak went in search of the Star Maps which would lead them to the Star Forge. The Star Forge is a massive space station that is feuled by Dark Side Energies. Now the First Star Map that Revan and Malak found was on Dantooine. When they found the ancient Structure that the Rakata built they went inside and met a strange droid. The droid said that humans were not part of the Infinity Empire. The droid then told them if they want to enter the room beyond they mst fae 2 trials. Access the computer terminals West and East inside the Structure. There you will be given a question.

Revan and Malak did so, but what they did not anticipate was that each terminal was guarded by a droid. They quickly destroyed the droid, accessed the terminals, and answered the questions. They then went into the room beyond the 1st droid . They wondered around that room for awhile not knowing if they wanted to discover what was beyond it or not. Malak soon told revan of the Dark taint that lay in the structure. Revan eventually opened the door and the 2 found the Star Map that was in the center. They discovered that there 4 other planets in the Star Map. The planets Korriban, Manaan, Kashyyyk, and Tatooine.

It is unknown which order Revan and Malak went to these planets.
Korriban is a dark taint planet and perhaps led to Revan and Malak becoming even darker in the force. While Korriban is a dark taint and desolate planet divoide of any life, it still held a secret. The Star Map was held in the Tomb of Nagas Sadow. Revan and Malak went further north in the tomb and found a chamber which held a star map. They once again downloaded the coordinates and left Korriban.

Kashyyyk; the mighty wookies helped Revan and Malak down into the Shadowlands. There they encountered strange beasts and a old man. The old mans name is Jolee Bindo, he joined them for awhile and helped them discover the Star Map which was actually protected by a ancient Rakatan computer. The computer was badly damaged, but Revan got it to work. Revan answered all the questions the computer gave him and granted him access to the Star Map. Revan and malak downloaded the coordinates in their datapad, they left Jolee Bindo in the Shadowlands. Jolee Bindo sensed the future and knew Revan would return to Kashyyyk with a new identity.

Next up Revan and Malak discover the Star Maps on Tatooine and Manaan and later Crash Land on a Unknown Planet. Stay Tuned!

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