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3x0ng v1.0 is the 8-bit style, 2-player, 360-degree-control, 60fps sequel to 2x0ng.

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I'm so pleased to announce 3x0ng! The sequel to 2x0ng is now at version 1.3 for Windows and Linux, and has been released here on IndieDB for your entertainment and pleasure. (A Mac OSX version is coming soon.) (Updated 8/31 to include links to version 1.5 and updated video.)

In the game of 3x0ng, the bouncing Squareball is back in action as two players (or one versus AI) compete for control of the ball, and try to kick as many goals as possible before the timer runs out. In optional Fortress Mode, the goals are protected by a fortress of bricks!

Here's a video of me (purple team) playing against the orange AI. The real game runs at high resolution 60fps, this video capture is 30fps.

3x0ng features true 360-degree analog thrust control as an integral part of the design. Therefore it requires a USB game controller for each player. (It's better than requiring two mice, and keyboards can't do 360 degree control.)

I love your feedback, comments, and suggestions! Please report fun and other issues to me at if you want to be heard. I'm planning to implement more features and improvements for version 1.6, so why not?

Here are the downloads:

3x0ng v1.5 for Windows:

3x0ng v1.5 for Linux:

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