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New build of the game is up! Including a Windows exe which has 'ghost mode' that tracks your best time and lets you race against it.

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Windows (zip, 15Mb)

Unity Web Player

The Current build has 1 level of which the focus is to get to the end quickly. Once I've got the 'speed running' features down, future updates will include more collectables and level exploration.

I've also been rewriting the plot. It was rather convoluted and had far too many characters. The new plot will be simpler, focus on Tosh and one antagonist (rather than 3). The one that's left will still have her army of robots, and will still be attempting to pierce the secrets of the mountain... literally... with a giant laser.

The two remaining ones, well I still like them on paper and certainly the end of King's story was going to lend easily to the sequel, which can still work without him being involved in the first game.

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