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In days, you will have the new much improved demo. The mando's are under construction, but not yet functional. Just republic and sith for now, but you'll like it for sure.

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so many has been improved, I cannot even think about it. The biggest:
Heavy turbolaser damage from 30 to 40.
Now ships move normal agian, as they did in FoC.
New ships, new commandbar (working this time), new skins.
A lot of balance issues adressed.

Let me say it once and not in the download read me:
this is only space, ground is still underconstruction. the hardpoints of the spacestations are still not overhauled, I will do that in a patch. Anything more?...mmm...yes, I almost forgot, the ships now serve different rolles, like the hammerhead packs quite a punch in weaponary, but it has very low armor. The interdictor now has heavy armor and very decent weaponary. The derriphan is a flowting piece of steel extremly hard to destroy, with little weaponary. And so on. Descriptions have been changed to reflect the units streanths and weaknesses.

So, anyway, standby.

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