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The Abbey is the place where the Skeleton War takes place. Here is a quick tour of the map, showing off a few tricks that could give you a leg up.

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The Skeleton War - Article #3 - The Abbey

The Abbey is the battlefield where The Skeleton War takes place. The map features an old abbey crumbling away in the center. Around it are dead trees, crypts, and grave stones.

The Skeleton War - Abbey
An aerial shot of the abbey map

On the upper level of the abbey, there is a bomb spawn, and being in the second level gives a great height advantage for throwing bombs down on players.

TheSkeletonWar BombThrowFromAbbey
A player on the second level of the abbey throwing a bomb

To reach the upper level there are two stair cases, but there are also other ways a player can use the environment to jump up into the abbey.

TheSkeletonWar AbbeyShortCutJump
A player jumping from a rock into the abbey

As a way to help balance the game for players without legs who are crawling on the ground, there are places where only a skeleton with no legs will fit. This is to help the legless skeletons escape their faster opponents and have more time to find some legs.

One such place is the log. There is a fallen tree which has hollowed out over time, and only legless players can fit inside, giving them a path from the ground to the top of the abbey.

TheSkeletonWar EnterTheLog
A player without legs using the fallen log to climb into the abbey

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