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We're back, and better than ever. New release. New maps. New experience.

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Hi everyone! Surprise! Over six years since the original release, we've just shipped patch 1.4 for The Silent Cartographer: Evolved. This release includes:

  • An updated TSC:E map, by the original developers, with over 100 fixes and improvements since patch 1.3 in 2015. (This is emphatically not the severely compromised edition hacked up by SPv3!) - An updated full source release, containing every TSC:E tag, lots of additional bonus tags, and source data / scripts for TSC:E.
  • A fully-stock-compatible, fully-MCC-compatible version of the source release, including every single tag that isn't the TSC:E scenario.
  • Two new bonus maps updated using the source release: Truth & Reconciliation: Revisited, a campaign map rescuing the snowy 2012 BSP, and Precipice (H1 Spirit), updating Silicon's 2011 multiplayer map with stock-compatible TSC:E assets.
  • Both bonus maps are fully playable with or without Open Sauce!
  • (They are not playable on MCC, due to a bug with the new patch. We'll produce fully-MCC-compatible versions whenever the bug is resolved.) If you haven't played TSC:E before, or your only experience is with the SPv3 edition (which was dramatically torn up without our input), we're excited to introduce it. If you have played it before, we hope you'll give the updated version a shot.

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Guys, I still vividly remember the day of the first release so many years ago...
Glad to see you're still working on it !

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Lol. Brave shot at SPC3 there

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I always play this map before SPV3 in my mod list order whenever I do my halo mods playthrough

will the MCC version have coop?

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Siliconmaster Author

Please note that although our new tagset release is MCC-compatible, TSC:E itself is still far beyond what MCC can handle. You'll still need to play the main level in Halo Custom Edition.

Even if it were MCC compatible, our scripting is based around a single player. In the security complex for instance, the hunters behave differently and move around depending on what floor the player moves to at any given time. Adding a second player to the mix, while fun in principle, would likely cause massive issues.

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