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The shotgun is finally implemented. Still some tweaks to go but the whole shooting system is getting shape one step at a time.

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Good evening,

Without further delay, here's the video:

Couple of things. I still have to add the muzzle flash to both the pistol and the shotgun. I also need to change the place the bullets spawn at, since right now it's not in the proper place. Those are however, minor changes that can be done in a couple of hours. For this update I was mainly focusing on getting the thing working as it's supposed to work with the enemies (those of you who have checked the video can see that it's working pretty fine).

I'll also have to change the damage numbers, since right now when you use the shotgun, they're overlapping, and they're not supposed to do that. I'll address those issues during this week.

I've also been working on a new enemy: the sewer spider. A mutation that came out of the mixing of sewer tea, a human and a spider (ultra duper original...). It's kind of scary. I won't reveal the behavior it will have as I want it to be kind of a surprise. I can only tell you that you should be cautious when facing this enemy.

Those who saw the video noticed there's a quick menu I'm using to spawn the creatures. That's part of a Test Room I've built so that I can test everything I add to the game. In a future News here on indiedb, I plan on release that build so that you can play with it. It might be ready for the next update or the next one after the next one (it all depends on my ability to hunt bugs).

If you liked what you see, please consider following me on twitter. Also, for those who are tracking Sewer Tea or commenting anywhere on this page - remember there's a chance you'll be gifted a humble bundle on this post too.



i love these types of games always wanted to do one myself good job!

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Kuznetsovsky Author

Thanks for that! Don't worry, I also didn't think I could even program something as simple as a calculator, and after some reading and exercising, here I am, doing what I love. Just go for it!!

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