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Each ship received two mutually exclusive modifications which can be unlocked via Commander Abilities. These new ships not only look different, but also grant specialized bonuses. Take a look!

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Light Ships

Light Ships are cheap to build and available early. They form the bulk of a player's armada for the majority of the game before more specialized and expensive ships become available.


The Corvette is a light attack ship ideal for raiding unsuspecting targets. It can be upgraded with the Stingray or Harpy modifications.

Patrol Ship

The Patrol Ship is a light defender used to combat both internal and external threats. It can be upgraded with the Albacore or Griffin modifications.


The Scout is a light utility craft specializing in the surveillance and sabotage of enemy installations. It can be upgraded with the Narwhal or Stargazer modifications.

Heavy Ships

Heavy ships, while more expensive to build, pack quite a punch and form the core in most mid-game armadas. Unlike the light ships which can be built in any shipyard, the heavy ships require a specialized assembly and careful planning to gain the most use out of them.


The Destroyer is a heavy attack ship designed to break up enemy formations. It can be upgraded with the Swordfish or Pegasus modifications.


The Frigate is a formidable heavy defender and mobile enough to support distant allies. It can be upgraded with the Grenadier or Golem modifications.


The Gunship can be described as an explosive tin can and will make short work of enemy stations. It can be upgraded with the Barreleye or Manticore modifications.

Capital Ships

Capital ships are the pride of and joy of an armada and a well placed fleet can turn the tide of any battle. They are however prohibitively expensive and difficult to build - Commanders investing heavily into these ships will have difficulties recovering from a defeat.


The Carrier is a capital ship used in large scale attacks where it can support smaller vessels around it. It can be upgraded with the Barracuda or Basilisk modifications.


The Dreadnought is the single most powerful ship in the game and guarantees massive casualties for anyone foolish enough to attack it. It can be upgraded with the Megalodon or Gorgon modifications.

A New Challenger Appears!

In addition to the ship modifications shown above, Alpha 8 will also see the appearance of a new ship: The Recon. This is the heavy ship variant of the Scout and grants Subterfuge players a much needed boost on the tactical level.

We’re really happy to finally see the IR-2 in the game as it was one of the first ship concepts for Starborne. Either way - thank you for reading. The next post will go into the visual map updates.

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