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What's next for Wyrmsun? Version 1.0.1 will bring a new civilization, and more!

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The Settlement of Scandinavia
What's next for Wyrmsun?

The version 1.0.1 of the game will feature the addition of a new campaign and a new civilization: the Germanics. One of the main reasons why humans were placed on Earth in the Wyrmsun universe, rather than together with fictional races in another world, was to allow the inclusion of historical civilizations in the game, which could then be pitted against fictional ones in custom games.

The Germanic civilization in the game encompasses both the specific group of Indo-Europeans who migrated to Scandinavia originated Germanic culture, as well as the people who spoke Proto-Germanic themselves, before it split up into different languages. Their campaign will have a semi-historical storyline which conflates the history of the Indo-European migration to Scandinavia with the Norse legends that depict how Odin's people arrived in that region, both of which have very similar routes. Here is a screenshot from the first scenario of the Germanic campaign:
On the Vanaquisl

Beyond that, version 1.0.1 will feature numerous improvements to the game, such as the addition of personal characteristics for organic units, like personal names and traits. The Grand Strategy mode has also had a revamp, with provinces now being assigned to a particular civilization (allowing a dwarven faction to train goblin units in a province populated by goblins) and heroes featuring in the mode, being able to attack and defend provinces alongside other units. In the single player game setup screen, maps can now be chosen from a "Random" world, allowing civilizations from different worlds to be mixed.

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