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This Is The Complete Space Unit List For Star Wars Empire At War FOC Grand Armies At War Expansion.

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Remember That This Is Only A Concept, Or An Idea In Other Words. I Hope That You Consider This When Placing You Comments In The Comments Section Down Below. Now, Onto The Separatist Space Units!

  • Munificent-Class Star Frigate: The Munificent-Class Star Frigate Is The Mainstay Of The Separatist Navy. It Boasts A Massive Bow Mounted Duel Turbo Laser That Serves As Space Artillery. It Is Also Equipped With Six Laser Batteries, Four Ion Cannon, A Shield Generator, A Hanger, And Engines. It Should Be Used As Long Range Artillery And Then With Its Turbo Lasers It Can Finish Off Its Prey.
  • Core Ship: Not To Be Confused With The Lucrehulk, This Is The Core Ship. Core Ships Are Under armed Version Of The Acclamator. They Can Land On Planets And Launch Massive Invasions At A Very Cheap Price.
  • Lucrehulk-Class Battleship: The Lucrehulk Is A Massive Doughnut Shaped Fighter Carrier. With Its Massive Hangers You Can Launch Massive Amounts Of Fighters In Close To An Instant. It Is Equipped With Ten Laser Cannons, Six Ion Cannons, Two Hanger Bays, A Shield Generator, And Two Engines.
  • Bulwark Mark II: The BattleShip Of The Separatist Fleet. The Bulwark Features Heavy Shields And Can Take On Almost Any Republic Ship. It Is Equipped With Eight Heavy Turbo Lasers, Six Ion Cannons, A Small Hanger Bay, A Shield Generator, And Engines. It Also Has Heavy Armor To Compensate For Its Weak Shields.
  • Providence-Class Dreadnaught: The Providence-Class Is A Force To Fear. It Is Equipped With Eight Heavy Turbo Lasers, Six Laser Batteries, Eight Ion Cannon, Two Missile Batteries, A Large Hanger Bay, A Shield Generator, And Engines. It Should Be Used On The Main Lines As A Tank To Soak Up Damage And Deal Out Its Own. It Has The Power To Weapons Ability.
  • Recusant-Class Light Destroyer: The Recusant-Class Is A Very Cheap Ship Capable Of Taking On A Corvette Or Light Frigate, Two Can Take On A Dreadnaught, And Up To Five Can Take On A Venator. It Has Weak Armor And Shields It Is Equipped With Four Turbo Lasers, Four Laser Cannons, A Hanger, And Engines. Has The Power To Engines Ability.
  • Lupus-Class Missile Frigate: The Lupus-Class Is A Small Ship Capable Of Dealing Light Damage At Super Long Range. It Is Also Equipped With Six Anti Fighter Cannon . It Has The Barrage Ability.
  • Confederacy Cruiser: The Confederacy Cruiser Is An Artillery In Space. Capable Of Super Long Range Fire It Should Stay Behind Friendly Lines As A Support Ship. It Has The Power To Engines Ability.
  • Gozanti Cruiser: The Gozanti Cruiser Is A Light Patrol Frigate That Is A Good Counter To Enemy Fighters. Has The Point Defence Ability.
  • Vulture Droid: The Vulture Droid Is A Precision Made Fighter, Made In The Cathedral Factories Of Xi Char. It Is Produced In Large Numbers Across The Galaxy And Can Match Any Fighter The Republic Can Throw At Them With Its Four Laser Cannon And Its Buzz Droid Missiles.
  • Droid Tri Fighter: The Droid Tri Fighter Is Strictly An Interceptor Capable Of Taking Down The Fastest Republic Ships. With Its Three Laser Cannon And Its Deadly Fast Speed It Is A Force To Be Reckoned With.
  • Hyena Bomber: The Hyena Bomber Is A Light Bomber Used By The Separatist Alliance, To Carpet Bomb Enemy Planets And To Bomb Lightly Shielded Or Armored Ships.It Is Also Equipped With Two Laser Cannon And, Of Course, A Proton Bomb Launcher.
  • Trade Federation Droid Bomber: The Trade Federation Droid Bomber Is A Heavily Armed Droid Bomber. With Its High Capacity Bomb Bay And Its Quad Laser Cannons It Is Capable Of Taking On Most Large Ships.

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