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The Following Is The List Of Separatist Ground Units For Empire At War FOC Grand Armies At War Expansion.

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Remember That This Is Only A Concept, Or An Idea In Other Words. I Hope That You Consider This When Placing You Comments In The Comments Section Down Below. Now, Onto The Separatist Army

  • AAT {Armored Assault Tank}: The AAT Is A Heavy Tank That Can Lob Energy Bolts At Medium Range With High Accuracy, For A Tank Anyway. It Is Cheap Just Like Most Separatist Units In Their Arsenal. It Is Equipped With One Heavy Laser Cannon, Two Light Laser Cannon, And Six Proton Torpedo Tubes.
  • NR-N99 Persuader-Class Droid Enforcer: The NN-N99 Persuader-Class Droid Enforcer, Also Known As Simply The Droid Tank, Were Deployed In The Middle Of The Clone Wars. They Are Powerful At Close To Medium Range And, They Can Also Move Fairly Quick For Their Size Cause Their Massive Dorsal Tread. It Is Equipped With Two Heavy Cannon And Two Medium Cannon.
  • OG-9 Homing Spider Droid: The Separatist Spider Droid Is A Long Range Unit Capable Of Doing Huge Damage With Its Laser Beam And Its Close Range Anti-Infantry Gun. It Is Considerably Weak And Should Not Be Deployed On The Front Lines.
  • Hailfire Tank: The Hailfire Tank Is A Mobile Missile Launcher On Fast Wheels. It Can Barrage The Enemy At Short To Medium Range And Can Rush Enemy Lines To Punch A Hole Through Them. Has The Barrage Ability.
  • GAT {Ground Armored Tank}: The GAT Is A Fast Attack Tank Capable Of Punching Though Enemy Lines For Other Units To Finish The Job. Has Two Missile Launchers And Two Quad Laser Cannon.
  • Occupara Spider Droid: The Occupara Spider Droid Is A Larger Variant Of The OG-9 Homing Spider Droid That Is Equipped With One Rotating Tri Cannon. It Is More Durable Then Its Predecessor And Can Deal Considerable Damage At Medium Range.
  • HAG {Heavy Artillery Gun}: The HAG Is A Medium To Long Range Artillery Piece That Is Very Lightly Armored And Should Be Protected Behind Friendly Units.
  • J-1 Semi Autonomous Proton Cannon: The J-1 Proton Cannon Is A Flak Cannon Capable Of Destroying Slow To Medium Fast Flying Craft With Ease. It Is Very Slow To Deploy And Move Around So It Should Be Positioned Behind Friendly Lines And Provide Long Range Support. It Is Also An Effective Capital Ship Destroyer.
  • B-1 Battle Droid: The B-1 Battle Droid Is The Bulk Of The Separatist's Infantry. Very Cheap To Mass Produce, They Are Deployed In Massive Waves Against The Enemy To Screen Friendly Armor And Can Also Police The Civilian Population.
  • B-2 Super Battle Droid: The Super Battle Droid Is A Considerable Improvement Over The B-1 Battle Droid In Defence And In Firepower. It Is Equipped With A Duel Repeating Laser Cannon. Some Variants Are Equipped With Rocket Launchers.
  • Droideka: Droideka Can Destroy Enemy Platoons With Ease When Deployed In Numbers Against The Enemy. It Has A Personal Shield Generator That Infantry Will Have A Tough Time Getting Past. Only Enemy Armor Can Punch Through It With Ease, And Make It Vulnerable To Small Arms Fire.
  • Crab Droids: Crab Droids Are Infantry Destroyers That Can Destroy Enemy Infantry With Ease.
  • DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid:The Dwarf Spider Droid Is A Lot Of Firepower In One Small Package. Capable Of Destroying Any Light Armor It Runs Into With Its One Light Laser Cannon. It Is Very Lightly Armored And Should Be Used With Care.
  • The Super Tank Is A Special Tank That Can Only Be Built On Geonosis. It Is Very Heavily Armored And Armed With Two Duel Laser Cannon And A Massive Roof Mounted Missile Rack. It Can Absorb Immense Amounts Of Damage And Deal Out As Much As It Can Take. It Has The Power To Shields Ability.
  • Core Ship: The Core Ship Can Land On Enemy Planets And Deploy Massive Amounts Of Droids Onto The Battlefield. It Has No Defences, Only Its Shields Can Defend It.
  • Munificent-Class Star Frigate:: The Munificent-Class Star Frigate Is A Mobile Gun Platform When Deployed Inside The Atmosphere Of A Planet And Can Deploy Many Waves Of Vulture and Hyena Droids At The Enemy. It Is Not As Strong As The Venator And Should Be Deployed In Numbers Against It.
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