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The Secret Forces v0.7.6a has finally been released after a long wait.

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The Secret Forces v0.7.6a has finally been released in all its glory.

This is a very long awaited release, but with all the improvements, it is well worth the wait.

New Features:
•TSF now has a logo of its very own.
•Fixed the issue causing the bubbles to be emitted from the wrong part of the ships.
•The Laser Tower now fires directly from the turret and it can actually hit targets.
•Fixed the issue causing the wheels of the Advanced Vehicles to spin too slowly.
•Changed the TSF selection text in the skirmish menu so that it is transparent like the other text are and not on a purple background.
•Fixed the issue causing the Advanced Assault Vehicle to not fire its secondary laser weapon.
•Fixed the issue causing the Attack Ship's depth charge to not be fired from the Depth Charge Launcher.
Changed the name of the Advanced Assault Vehicle from Reaper to Ranger.
•Cleaned up the rev31.gp3 file to lower the overall size of the file.
•Fixed several yardmap issues causing several factories to not build anything.
•Edited the laser weapons to make them less powerful, excluding the Commander laser and Battleship laser.
•Changed the Attack Saucer and Advanced Attack Saucer to make them into gunships.
•Changed a few unit textures to the new logo texture.
•Changed a few unitpics to show the new logo texture.
•Made a new frontendx showing the new logo.
•A few other bug fixes.

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