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You may wonder that there are many missing links and chains with the first game specially what's the main story of Courage. Worry-not for all will be revealed at Courage A&L.

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Total Views on Youtube

There are like 20+ recorded gameplays now on Youtube while playing Courage and the estimated total views of all of them are 1.5 Million. Yep :D We made it to the million! XD I'm so thankful to you guys for making it that popular, even though some still says the game is too casual, still I'm so thankful and proud. Thank you guys! :)

Scare-Smoke Origins

The scare-smoke or more commonly known as "the fear syrum" which was introduced on the first game, will be explained of Courage A&L. Just some quick preview for it: the scare-smoke didn't really originated on the lab. It generated somewhere else ;)

Professor Torres

On the first game, the only person you probably knew was James, the protagonist, and Prof. Torres, which called you on the first scene of the game. You didn't knew whether he is a good guy or a bad guy and I liked it to stay on that way for now. He's stand will be revealed on the upcoming game.

What happened to James?

After turning on all generators on Courage, James teleported outside the lab where you can see the forest which will be the setting for Courage A&L. It says there that he started to grow long arms, his face is starting to disappear, and he can now teleport. As you can clearly see, this is a reference to Slenderman ;) But if you noticed Slender wasn't mentioned a single time on the game. Did he really became slenderman? or someone else? or was it just his imagination? It will be revealed on the sequel.

The Antagonist

For now he/she doesn't really have a "formal" name. We just like to call it "Spectator". Ok I know you're kinda excited about him/her but sorry I have to zip my mouth for now hehehe. Only that, he will be on Courage A&L and that he's origins will be explained there. So stay tuned! :)

That's it guys, thanks for staying tuned for the game! :) God bless and Advance Happy New Year! :)
Stay tune more and always, have the courage to face everyday's challenge! :)

Sincerely yours,

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