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New biomes, new possible house designs, and new places to explore! Time to show all of you what we've been working on. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

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We've been hard at work for the past year trying to tie up loose ends. We decided it was best to not release any big updates for a while so that we wouldn't attract a crowd. A year later, that update has finally come. Welcome to the new game, Dwellers!

We needed to get some more professional graphics completed to make the game high tier. We brought numerous artists onto our team but only one fit the bill completely, Pirate.

…and even more polish

Emotes! They’re tied to F1-F12. We carefully designed each emote to be extremely accessible so that people can communicate their intentions immediately. This breaks language barriers and creates a culture of communication beyond text!

More polish!

Using developer skills to plow down a hill

Gates anyone?


A few new mechanics have been introduced. Dungeons now lay in the depths of the caverns and can only be found by exploring for portals in the overworld. Here are some of our finds...

Iceberg dungeon!

Yet another cold dungeon… snow themed!


The interface was updated to be easier to control and handle. It's been consolidated and redone multipletimes so I hope you're happy with the result we produced :)

It now has a special twist. Add runes to your recipes to boost stats, results, and gains. Runes can be found or crafted and are a hot commodity for trading between villages!

We added a new biome to the worldgen, deserts. We've also optimized the continent generating algorithm to maximize its size while keeping the explorations of oceans unique! With that said, we've also added icebergs...

Cleaned up deserts a tad and fixed some underworld glitches

We've added lots more, but you'll have to check my blog and twitter to see it all! You can also sign up on our brand new website here!


Wow, talk about awesome.

This game has an amazing feel. Very few games give you that soothing, gentle, adventurous survival feel. Like minecraft, it has that great art combined with imagination-inspiring game design.

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BradyInstead Author

That's exactly what we're going for! It's soothing and gentle when you want it to be, has lots of raw creativity, and has the ability to be frighteningly adventurous and intense when wars break out between villages.

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You sir, are a good game designer.

So few game developers understand it is about how the player feels, how they perceive, how the mood is set.

Bravo. That, and OMG WTF I WANT TO PLAY ZOMG!!!111

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BradyInstead Author

The lighting helps a lot to accomplish that.

Patience young grasshopper.

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