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Because the GFA is nearly complete, the next army to be worked on is the RSA, here is the arsenal of the RSA.

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The RSA has adapted it's technology since the first war (EW1), they are less of a full out attack army now with more defensive weapons such as the Refraction Tower, and the Timesplitter unit, but do not underestimate this new defensive look, because the RSA still has very dangerous units you will remember from EW1, such as the Railgun Beam Cannon, and their dangerous cruiser aircraft.

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Download it now! At Phantom Games Development.

It's up there before it is here!

RSA Deployment Uplink (Con Yard)
RSA Fusion Reactor
RSA Barracks
RSA Tiberium Refinery
RSA Weapons Factory
RSA Communications Uplink
RSA Gravity Platform
RSA Tech Lab
RSA Cruiser Dock

RSA Crane

RSA Twin Gun Battery
RSA Railgun Turret
RSA AA Cannon
RSA Tiberium Infusion Cannon
RSA Crystal Shield System
RSA Refraction Tower - Replaced With:
RSA Transfer Tower

RSA Cruiser Uplink


Laser Rifle Squad
Proton Torpedo Troop
Hunter Drone
Assault Drone

Railgun Beam Squad
Stormseeker Squad
Commander Phantom

Missile Harvester
Hover Laser Tank
Pulse Plasma Transport
Shadower Storm Tank

Deluvis Light Mech
Timesplitter Shield System
Railgun Beam Cannon

RSA Deployment Carrier
Grandalle MK 5
Railgun Cruiser

Crusader MK 3 Assault Cruiser


damm you guys work pretty fast!!!!!!!!!!

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you need new models

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Stop saying that, we get it, but you try to mod something that isnt related to models, you'll find out it isnt as easy as it looks so stop complaining!!

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Phantom139 Author

@codeblue, the only real thing you are doing is ******* me off. I'm just going to start deleting your comments if you continue.

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Phantom139 Author

I have completed a large load of the RSA today :P

And I'm STILL working on more!!

Basically, I may have over half of the RSA done by the end of the day. :)

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Phantom139 Author

Add The Beam Cannon, and Railgun Beam Squad to the completed list!

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i just wanted to ask can it be that i am doing something wrong or did u just mod the abileties of units and graphick there are no changes just using old units i want to know cuz there is a map wich has units in it but where do i put it then?

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