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So why some of the HL2 Mods stop working? And who can be blamed? read on to find out.

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So, what seems to be the trend that I have seen in the Moding community, and the people that play on many source games, is a very strong hate of Mac computers. But why are people on Gmod, who are most of the time very nice, suddenly hating Mac? Well, it all comes down to updates.

When Half-Life 2 came out to Macs back in May, Many mods for HL2, and HL2:EP1, stopped functioning the way they use to. Now is it fair to say that Macs are to blame for this? Well... Yes and No. When Valve stepped into making Mac gaming machines, many people could smell blood in the water already, But macs are not to blame for it (mostly). It is, however, the company's responsibility to keep in mind the community that had already formed around them, and valve didn't hold up to that to the fullest. They changed coding in the game to support both Mac in Windows computers, and they updated maps to work with HDR lighting. In turn this caused AI nodes to be become out dated, and lighting to be removed from any map that used the base of normal HL2 maps, much as Smod does. All this thanks to a change from the 2007 engine to the 2009, and making all mods use the SDK base,

Now what about games like CSS or Gmod? there's no way to say for sure whats going to happen, but the theory is that most, if not all custom maps, and server mods, and plug-ins will no longer work. Not like a normal update, but to the point the Base code that holds it all up must be redone. And that's just for CSS, the idea is the same for Gmod, but only deeper. along with mods, plug-ins, and maps; all of the things at might become useless as the mods thing they were made for, but only time will tell.

So where does that leave us? Well until the OS X updates, we are fine but left to ponder. Will my game be safe? Will Valve mess it up? Only time will tell. Now make are the root but no the full cause of this. OS X computers are closed source as we all know, this makes coding for them very painful. What's even harder still is coding of both windows and OS X, is down right impossible to get correct the first, second, and even 50th time. to put it simple, if OS X wasn't a closed source item things might have turned out better for us (Thanks a lot Mr.Jobs!).

But where is the fix for Smod right now? It's not to gar off really, because most of the items shuch as maps, weapons, and models are already in place, all that needed to be done were 3 things (mostly)

1) get smod0DT running again {done}
2) Fix lighting {done (I hope)}
3) Fix AI nodes. That is almost done.

One thing that has shown it's head is that an NPC model is missing a skin, and it's a CSS skin, so that might be able to be fixed, once I find what model it is (It's hard to tell when you have that purple and black thing looking at you in the face, detail and shape are hard to make out. One thing for sure is that the date of finishing this project is going to be a lot sooner then November. hopefully before July ends.

PS: I try not using PC and Mac because a Mac can be a PC, A Linux can be a PC. Most people forget that PC stands for Personal Computer, not a Windows Computer. I don't care if that's what every one is calling them. I can take OS X and put it on Computer that once had windows (with a little of modding) I can boot camp XP an a Mac computer. and i can sure as heck put linux on any computer.

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