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UPDATED AS OF 9:24PM EST (OCT/05/09) I'm currently working on version 1.23 as we speak. Running into a few issues here and there. Hopefully they won't stall me for long. If you look below, I have listed a few changes I've already made and some stuff that I've added to a TO-DO List. If you have experienced any issues I'm missing in 1.22 that need fixing, please tell me.

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Warfare AWP Edition Changelog

+ Removed Supply Trucks

+ Set starting distances to 6000m apart

+ Removed different time settings due to desync of times

+ Tunguska prices upped by $500

+ Reworked UAV Launch script (slower take offs)

+ Fixed not being able to lock a vehicle after unlocking it

+ Lowered camp capture times by 25%

+ Fixed the HC Error when a commander is selected

- Fix the 1000m height hint so it displays globally (LOW PRIORITY)

- 5th and 6th camps do not display capturing GUI bar (MEDIUM PRIORITY)

- Implement camp spawn upgrade (HIGH PRIORITY)

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