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Take a look at Smaug, most devastating calamity of the Third Age, in the upcoming patch Edain 4.6!

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Greetings, companions of Edain!

Having already introduced you to the various orc realms and their leaders, it is now time for the most devastating calamity of the third age of Middle-earth, the mightiest hero of the Misty Mountains: Smaug.

I am King Under the Mountain.

We decided against following the two-legged design of the Hobbit films and let Smaug have his four legs as in earlier Edain versions. In Tolkien's literary works, dragons always travelled on four legs - Glaurung, the forefather of all dragons in the first age could not even fly - and we wanted to follow this lead.

Smaug is the hero with the greatest pure destructive potential in all of Edain. In addition to his destructive abilities, at higher levels he can also set buildings ablaze, temporarily incapacitate heroes, and tear droves of common soldiers to their deaths with his standard attack. His abilities differ depending on whether he moves across the ground on four legs or swings through the air. In the air, Smaug has the following abilities:

Land (Level 1)
Greed of the Golden Dragon (Level 1)
Fireball (Level 2)
Wing Blast (Level 4)
Incinerate (Level 10)

Level one features a new ability that allows Smaug to quickly reach higher levels and at the same time reflects his predatory nature. With Smaug, more than with any other hero, we felt it was inappropriate to conceive of him as an ordinary soldier in an army, blindly following every order. He was too greedy and stubborn for that, and too cunning to fight easily side by side with orcs and other vermin. He can therefore enrich himself by looting and destroying buildings of the player to satisfy his greed, and receives experience in return, depending on the cost of the building:

Greed of the Golden Dragon: To satisfy his immense greed for riches, Smaug demands tribute from the wild tribes. Smaug destroys any allied hoard and receives experience in return. The more expensive the hoard, the more experience Smaug receives.

At level 10, this ability is improved and becomes:

Battlelust of the Golden Dragon: Soothed by the tribute paid by the wild tribes, Smaug turns his full attention to the enemy's fortifications. Destroy any enemy building instantly. Not applicable to citadels.

Fireball and Incinerate are well-known abilities that can cause enormous destruction among enemies. In addition to their direct damage, however, they are also capable of starting fires (small for Fireball, very large for Incinerate). Fire generally only burns for a very short time in Edain, but Smaug has the unique ability with the Wing Blast to fuel such fires and let them grow into a devastating inferno that severely damages everything in the area of influence. You can get an insight into these mechanics in this video:

As soon as Smaug lands, his gameplay changes significantly: while he is very vulnerable to arrows and heroes with ranged attacks in the air, he now becomes very resistant to these types of attacks. However, monsters with high single-target damage or heroes can now get at him, and overwhelming numbers of melee fighters (especially spearmen) can also be dangerous to Smaug: Should Smaug allow himself to be surrounded, he takes high flank damage, quickly leading to his downfall. This way, we want to avoid Smaug being immediately targeted and finished off by archers, when he was actually very resistant to arrows in the lore due to his thick armour. His abilities on the ground are as follows:

Flying (Level 1)
Greed of the Golden Dragon (Level 1)
Dragon's Breath (level 2) - passive ability
Dragon Scream (Level 4)
Hypnotic Gaze (Level 10)

His standard attack on the ground has massive area damage, as you can see in the video. With the Dragon Scream, Smaug can briefly send enemies fleeing if he ever finds himself in a sticky situation, and the Dragon's Breath allows him to open gates and inflict damage on garrisoned units. Even the Lonely Mountain was not safe from Smaug! His final ability, Hypnotic Gaze, shows all of Smaug's cunning and devilish willpower, which he also demonstrated in his conversation with Bilbo. With this ability, an enemy hero is thrown into deep doubt and can neither attack nor be attacked for 45 seconds and no longer obeys any orders of the player. Only after this time has passed does he regain his senses and can take part in the battle again.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted for us in this year's Mod of the Year competition. Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoyed this update and, as always, are looking forward to your feedback!

Your Edain team


Had I not already voted, this video would have made me vote again! Amazing work! The synergy between Wing Blast amd the fire-related moves especially is something I never could have conceived. I can't wait!

I wonder how his Ring form works... though I already see from these abilities how they might...

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I voted for Edain in the MOTY competition. So excited for release of 4.6. Amazing work!

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I'm so excited about the next patch! Really great work on Smaug guys.

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Smaug is well done. but it seems to me that it's time to replace this old dragon model.

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