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Good news on progress that I have make on this so far!

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SO here we are again, I am here to give u news on how I progress on this from the last time I have make news. I will not go long in boring details so I will just skip to the main part and that is rating from 1 to 100% just like last time:

1. Inquisition Daemonhunters as new race with new stuff and balance. 65%
2. New units for all other races. 95%
3. New buildings for all other races. 100%
4. Brand new gameplay options for Chaos. 100%
5. AI for the Witch Hunters. 100%
6. Imperial Guard AI not working. 90%
7. Some more UI changes. 30%
8. Full win condition support. 40%
9. New type of resources that will be required 0%
10. New Sound and music. 50%
11. New Icons for all races. 35%
12. Implementation of Chaos Demons. 0%
13. Lot of bug and error fixing. 40%

Now to talk about date of when should new version come out. I know that sometime ago I said that new version is close but it is not, as u can see on rating list there is much more work to be done and as I play true my mod I each time find one or more bugs most of them are missing text or something like that but I am happy I did not make any game braking bug like fatal crash or AI error and so on. That is all that I have to say for now, I hope u like my mod and if u dont then that is on you :)

And again I ask for any advice and help that u can offer, some bug or error fixing, something that u have and wanna see in my mod, new models, new textures, new ideas, new suggestions it is all appreciated and welcomed from anyone. Thank you for reading and support. I thank to all people that report bugs that they find and if you find any pls post in comment or sand me a PM.


I think in terms of intra-chaos, Tzeentch and Nurgle marks could use just a wee bit more love IMHO.

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dantles1992 Author

if I have something to give them (I did but most of the chaos stuff whose taken from me by creator of who make them)

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