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A quick summary of how the project started to catch you up

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We've spent the last couple of months playing with this idea of a necromancer game where the player can be the bad guy.

We started with some intense design sessions to hammer out the scope of the project and define what we thought would make for good gameplay mechanics.

The first prototype build was ready in a month and we already knew we had something worth pursuing. Even in it's primitive state the game could be played for around 30 mins before it became a little boring or there were no objectives left to achieve.

Another month and we had polished the prototype enough to get some outside opinions. We ran closed test with friends and family and we were delighted to see that they also enjoyed the game. What's more, all the things that we thought gave the game real value and uniqueness was reflected in their feedback.

The last couple of weeks I have been busy incorporating the play test feedback into the prototype which is already looking much better again and we have some clear direction on what features to develop next.

We'll do another round of testing with a wider audience of friends and family and then things really get interesting.

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