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In The Rising, You will be fighting against Nazi Zombies. Whats that you say, that's old, that idea is played out... Well try this on for size, you are doing all this while playing on a multiplayer server. That's right, this is Nazi Zombies multiplayer style. In this version of the game you and up to 64 other players are fighting to stop the hoards, waves, of zombies and dogs from doing the only thing they know how to do, Killing you.

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At the moment the server is down for major changes and tweaks for the mod.
The team is working 24/7 to get the mod up again as soon as possible.
New features you can expect and to look forward to is,

- 60+ Zombies
- Modern Weapons
- New unlockable features
- 4 New vending machines
- New Player Armor suites.
- Melee weapons as Chainsaws and Hammers.
- A new class and the Doctor class has more weapons.
- More buyable features.
- Music ingame provided by one of our members: Dio

and more ...

The Rising team will keep you all updated.
Soon coming , a sneak preview trailer supplied by Schilli.

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