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A little explanation of how is progressing the mod at August 2020.

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Work in progress with 1.3 version (New GC scenarios)

We are working a lot with the new update of this mod, and I'm glad to announce that some new scenarios will be added. All of them have new stories or are an expansion of an existent one. Today, I'm going to show which scenarios have been finished at this moment (August 2020).

Durge's Lance Operation (21 BBY)

This was a CIS offensive launched at 21 BBY, leadered by General Grievous, wihich objective was an assault over the core worlds. This was one of the most important victories of the CIS, because some shipyards were destroyed, and this weakened the naval capacities of the Galactic Republic.


Captura 173

In this scenario, there has been added some new planets which were involved in some battles, including Skako or Kaikielius.

Separatist Crisis (22 BBY)

This scenario approaches to the events of the Episode II: Attack of the Clones, which happened at 22 BBY.

The main objectives of the Galactic Republic are the conquest of Kamino, the center of the Clone production, and conquer Geonosis, the capital planet of the Separatist.

The main objectives for the Separatist are the defeat of the Galactic Republic. This scenario start with an overwhelming military superiority of the Separatist, but if you conquer Kamino, you will be able to mobilize the Grand Army of the Republic with the Palpatine speech.

Captura 171star wars episode ii attack of t

Outer Rim Sieges (20 BBY)

This was a great offensive of the Galactic Republic to conquer the Outer Rim, where were some of the most important planets for the Separatist, as they can be Muunilinst, Geonosis, Sullust and others. This is one of the biggest scenarios of the mod (Excluding the complete Clone Wars scenarios, which are the "sandbox GC").

This has been divided in two little scenarios (45-50 planets), one for the North offensive and other for the South offensive, to make a more comfortable experience for the people who has a low-spec computers (For example, myself).

Captura 146Clone wars ors

Mid Rim Conflict (21 BBY)

This is an scenario focused of the theater of the Mid Rim (Battle of Kashyyk, Battle of Umbara, Onderonian Civil War, etc...). There will be a little bit of story, to give importance of this theater during the Clone Wars, immediately before the Outer Rim Sieges.


Dark Reaper Crisis (22 BBY)

This scenario focuses in the Republic aim to find and destroy the Dark Reaper, an ancient Sith weapon which the Separatist want to reactivate. The objective of the Republic is conquer Thule, Rhen Var, Korriban and Raxus Secundus, which is the political capital of the Separatist.

Ruins of Kessia JPGThule PNG

And that's all for now. I hope you like it and enjoy the 1.2 version of this mod. More content will be added soon to the mod.

Greetings from The Rise of Palpatine mod development team.

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