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A short overview of the concept and construction of my custom story.

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As I worked on a much longer custom story, I decided I'd try to whip up a story in one day to see if I was capable of such a feat. I wanted to reassure my friends I was still working on the original story which was taking longer than expected. I also wanted to convince myself I was actually going to be able to finish.

So, using an original Amnesia map as a base, I went to work crafting a simple, quick story that would still manage to scare. My goal was not to resort to jumpscares, but to manage to create a chilling atmosphere. A story, while basic, would need to be present as well.

In about six hours, I completed the initial version of the Rift.

The premise is simple: you haven't heard from your family in too long, so you go to their estate to investigate. There, you realize things are not well.

I had the pleasure of using some of the amazing custom monsters crafted by Juras Rodionovas (Red Line Games). So, even though this story is short, it contains monsters you've probably never faced before. I hope it scares you as much as it scared my friends!

I estimate it will take less than an hour to play. Please play it at a relaxed pace. Rushing through might break the script (this has been fixed, though I still don't recommend rushing!). Even if it doesn't break the script, it tends to ruin the enjoyment. So, relax, explore, read, and survive.

Enjoy the Rift!

(Please let me know your opinion of the story and if you encountered any errors.)

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