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New character, new biome, tons of rewards. So many features we can't list them all.

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The Reward update fixed

- Added a reward system to the game that gives players unlocks after playing for some time
- These rewards will be given to the player after they die, or if you look at the unlock screen, you can see which one is next
- Changed Time Challenge to Challenge Mode
- More than one challenge is now avaliable with more to be added later
- Added a desert biome with a special trap sinkholes
- sinkholes catch the player if they stand on them for too long and you must hop a lot to get out
- Challenge mode, level designer, and the tundra and desert biomes have been added as timed unlocks
- Powerups are now unlocked via the timed rewards as well
- When a powerup spawns and you have more than one equipped, it will lean towards spawning the others rather than the same one over and over
- Added a small light to the characters in the unlock screen in case the sun is facing away from them
- Added a new cat character Tiffany
- Implimented a new saving system into the game that's more secure
- Added a few secret doodads to the tundra and desert
- Added a few new animations to the UI
- Renamed challenge levels from just 1 through 4 to 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, etc, so you know how many total levels there are
- Increased the brightness of the spinning blade texture so it's easier to see at night
- The Level Designer now takes level size into account when generating a level
- Launchers now shoot slower on easier difficulties

- Fixed an issue where the UI in the powerup menu wouldn't properly update the current loadout
- The loadout icons are no longer buttons
- Fixed a bug where you could change powerups before spawning, but it didn't change the powerups already spawned
- Fixed the retry powerup so it properly works
- Fixed the PacDuck powerup so the enemies don't retain their scared status
- Made game sounds stop when the menus pop up so they wouldn't be annoying
- Fixed a problem where you could double click start and start the game with the menu still open
- Level Designer had a bug where it would skip a row and mess up longs if you edited a levl size with the add/delete buttons
- Fixed a graphics glitch where if you were chopped in half, your top half couldn't splash
- Fixed a bug where you could die, go to the main menu, respawn, and still be dead
- Fixed swapping skins disabling the button until you re-entered the menu
- Fixed a problem if you were killed by a launcher at point blank, the game wouldn't end
- A little error with the lives counter in challenge mode from displaying wrong

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