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After 7 months of being dormant, the mods returning. And bring Andromeda back in full and shineing glory

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After 7 months of being dormant, the mods returning. And bring Andromeda back in full and shineing glory.

Its true. The mod has been quite dormant for awhile. But i plan to change that. I have reworked my model of Andromeda, makeing it quite more powerful with more harpoints. And now with a full more exoanded knowledge of Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda, i cna now do things more accuritly. Hopefully with this, i will be able to teach myself how to do the .DLL strings, that will clear up all the name problems in the mod. Also, there should be some new models in the game if i can help it.

I cant make any promises. Ill probally be doing this alone. Hell, atleast Dylan had a crew. But im still going to try. Ill be working on the mod here and there through out the rest of the school year when ever i have free time. And when summer break arrives. I would like to kick into full production. That would be truely amazing.

I call upon any team members who would like to work on this, as well to anyone who likes the mod or likes Andromeda, and would like to help. This would be greatly appreciated.

With some of the slight work. I should have some new media up shortly. I hope.

With best regards,
CKYRules- Captian of the Andromeda Ascendant


Keep it going, the modelling and production value I'm seeing here is a great thing to see. If this is ever finished, I'll be happy to do any artwork or trailers that you'd like done. This would be limited to what images you could supply me with, but regardless, I'm loving what I'm seeing. Great work so far.

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Hey, whats wrong? The page is down?

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