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Welcome! Thank you all for reading firstly. Second, are you ready for some zombie bashing fun?!?! Lets get started!

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The Restless Divide is a game about the zombie apocalypse which is sure to happen sooner or later. In it, you may choose to fight for the horde of death as a zombie yourself, or you may choose to fight for life as an uninfected human being. Below is the general story / outlook of the game:

"The infection spread quick. Like a car on a race track, it drove its way right into the homes of nearly all humanity. As time went on, their were less and less humans. What's left of us now is extremely few, but strong and experienced. I wonder now if its possible to rebuild this world… I doubt it. All the major cities have fallen, the only safe place in this world is a fortress called Kaldun Safe-house. Of course how can you really call that place safe when bandits patrol its borders every night, waiting for someone to leave so they can attack them and take any supplies they may have. Time is running out, and as we get weaker, it seems the dead are getting stronger. How can we fight that? When one of us dies, another of them rises."

No matter what you choose to play, the goal is to survive and better your standing with the world around you. As a zombie, your goal is to collect as much "brains" as possible in order to unlock higher up zombie abilities, such as calling the horde, or simply turning into a speedy zombie. As a human, your goal is to find supplies and most importantly survive! The game will feature a "perk" system or talent system if you will. It will also feature classes for each "faction". I will release more information on those last two things soon if it interests any of you. Beyond this however, we have a leveling system, third and first person camera, and crafting. Crafting will be a very large feature of the game as it will be simplified and allow you to on the go make weapons from almost nothing, hundreds of combinations, hundreds of hours of fun. That's all I have for you right now, but stay tuned, for more is coming!

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