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These mod hasn't been active for a while, but now it's come back but no more as a simple mod but as a stand alone game!

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Recently, Gen.Kenobi and me (Wafous) have talked about these mod and we have conclude our talk with some important newa in these project, that will be listed hear:

  • We are going to change the project and instead of making a mod for StarWars: Battlefront we are going to make a new game from zero with the relief of the UDK (Unreal Development Kit), these dramatic change will allow us to make the game to be really like we want it to be.

    The change for that engine is going to really important, that allow to anyone to play the game without having to have the
    StarWars: Battlefront. Other important point of these change is the question of interface the StarWars: Battlefront moding is an really difficult art that no one of us is skilled in, The UDK provides a good interface and don't requires a lot of ad on programs ( I don't know if these is nessessary in the StarWars: Battlefront moding) , the engine has its programming language in form of algorithms (what makes it simpler to program)

I think that these are the main reasons for our change of engine

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