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This week in The Red Front, we have been spending time balancing, bug fixing and improving various aspects of the game. Register your interest for a review key and read more on the development!

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This week in The Red Front, we have been spending time balancing, bug fixing and improving various aspects of the game. We are very close to drawing down on development and have started to prepare the marketing materials.

We are also preparing our review key list. For any journalists, Youtuber’s, Twitchers or similar. You can register your interest for a review key here:

Game Balance

Time this week has been spent balancing, play testing and making tweaks to the existing levels. The enemy spawn types per-wave have been fairly set to make the progression throughout the levels and the game gently increase as you bear down upon Berlin.

Of course, some levels are going to be easier than other ones.

Nazi Laser Tanks and Super Soldier flame throwers improved

The Nazi Laser Tanks and Flame Thrower infantry have had their scripts improved so they will now hit allied units and take them into consideration. These units can do a tremendous amount of damage on the battlefield very quickly. Best to keep out of their range and remove them from combat as soon as you can.

General Game play improvements

The player unit is generally the sole focus of the enemy troop, this is to ensure the game remains challenging and the player isn’t able to simply hide behind the allied troops. Though the allied troops tend to die much faster than the Nazi counterparts.

Complete Changes:

  • Added final secret objects into the game.
  • Allowed the player to press enter when choosing their name on the new game screen.
  • Enabled flamethrower units to kill soviet troops.
  • Finalised all remaining achievements.
  • Disabled mission objectives for Leningrad and Mozhaysk during survival mode.
  • Enemy lasers now hit Soviet units.
  • Mission introduction and completion text has been set for all missions.
  • Mission mutator pip count now saves correctly for all levels.
  • The score screen will now display how many Rubles you earn for successfully completing a mission.
  • Player is now notified via objective arrow, popup and sound when a civilian dies on Leningrad.
  • All missions have had their cash reward set, enabling the player to buy more upgrades from the workshop.
  • The Nazi Ubertank and Hitlers tank will now spawn multiple enemy units when they enter a level.
  • Respawn checkpoints have been set on all levels.
  • Correct sprite shaders have been set allowing night time levels to display correctly.
  • Player tank now has a subtle muzzle flash when firing the level 1-4 rifle.
  • Soviet Soldiers have had their voices changed, they will now speak Russian instead of German.
  • All player variables are now created, saved, loaded and cleared properly.
  • Hitlers tank tracks have been fixed, Hitlers tank now looks a bit cooler and less chunky.
  • A weapon upgrade bug has been fixed, a script was assigned twice causing the upgrades to break.
  • Player headlights will now deactivate upon death (and re-enable upon re spawn if it is night time).
  • Fixed issue on the workshop menu where upgrade costs were not displaying correctly.
  • The wave countdown timer will now pause on the final wave. All enemy units must be killed before leaving a level.


There is also a short game-play clip in addition to this weeks changes, due to the extensive amount of changes created; we have chosen to display a large combat battle from Prokhorovka. Many of the changes can be seen within this video.

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