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These are the recent updates of the mod, as seen in Update Version 8a.

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Fairy Tale gets a middle update. Two new kingdoms have been added and that takes us up to the full number of Kingdoms required.

The Kharrorch and the Dwarven kingdoms have been added to the game with update 8a which you can download here on Fairy Tale's ModDB page. Both are a bit undone though, and that is why this is just an update to the game, and not included as a Full Version. The Kharrorch have all their units and buildings in place, but the Dwarves have no unique units as yet, but are fully playable.

There have also been numerous other updates with patch 8a. You need the Full install of Version 8 for the update to work.

HighwayHoss is also at work on his HEFT updates for Fairy Tale and you can now download HEFT 1.31 as well. Merge that with Fairy Tale Version 8a.

The Big Game Map has also been revamped. It is now a huge thing of 125x100 tiles with all the 18 standard Fairy Tale Kingdoms present. Watch out for Full Version 9 that is in the works right now!


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