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In this post we'll talk you about a different way to use your sword!

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What am I talking about?
The topic of this post is a feature that we decided to implement into the game, basically you can move your sword with the mouse, like if you really had it in your hands (it would work really well with Kinect or PSMove, though), and you can do some combinations (like right-top, down, left-bottom and up) to make combos or other kinds of animations, so it will probably have a good visual impact, we decided to implement this mainly to make using the sword compatible and funny with the first person view.
This feature could make using your sword very funny, but it could even make it hard to control, I mean, to handle your sword, you have to keep pressing the left mouse button, and move the mouse, this way you can't rotate the camera, and if you have 40593402349 enemies around you, or you just loose the focus on one of them, you are forced to relase it, and that's might be unconfortable, very unconfortable sometimes.

So my question is: should we keep working on it, or completely change direction?
My opinion is that we should keep it only if it doesn't impact negatively gameplay or playability, but if you have different ideas let us know, we are still in doubt...

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