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What could be going on? Tech-Imp hasn't posted in a while...

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Could the project be on the ropes...?

Could there be (insert some other witty demise here)?

Nah, Ive just been quite busy with the current semester of classes (and managing to keep turning it toward behind the scenes work for this project). Networking, idea bouncing and gathering people to help work on a project like this (in as short of time-frame as is currently planned) is daunting without the amount of build up time that I'm currently taking. As it stands, the current due date for a playable mod (Note: I did not say fully polished and final release-That is something I would prefer to take my time with) is between May of 2011 and August of 2011, with Open Beta releasing in the months prior.

Alpha, on the other hand, is going to be a much smaller group of family and friends and the University of New Haven students who are interested. But I digress....

So....In recent news, coder/artist/knows-a-lot-about-everything John has joined the team. After a lengthy discussion the other night, we were able to detail the features of the other "characters" you encounter in the game (D.A.V.I.S. and M.A.I.S.E.) and some new info is now available on the Features page. Hopefully, during the Thanksgiving weekend next week, I will be able to add their "character" bios.

Till then, you stay classy ModDb.



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