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In this news article I'll tell something about the future usage of this group.

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As this group is at the moment only me, myself and I, I can't say much about the team.
Well, for me:
I am about 21 Years old, interested in Sci-Fi and Fantasy and as soon as a game's interface is changeable and the regular one is not as I would like it to be, I do what I can to redo it so.

Also I am kinda modeling Fighters, Frigates and all other kinds of spaceships.
I have not much projects done so far but at least two or three modeling projects are running at the moment. Or aren't.
Since I have to write this article.
Or better:
Since I wrote the article.
What would defere in the projects are running again.

Let's go on with that.
Whenever you would like to get a model for a game or a texture, don't hesitate asking.

Thanks for reading!

I can also create homepages.

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