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Following a month full of testing,bug-squashing and improvement,the new major incarnation is here!

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When I first uploaded my mod,I never expected to be welcomed as much(bare in mind that it has been uploaded in a platform which is relevantly unpopular for HOI IV mods).

This,along with my passion for modding,has allowed me to continue development of this mod and strive to make it as nearly perfect as possible! (exactly perfect is never achievable and will never be for anything! :D ).

Anyways,last month has been filled with extensive bug-hunting and squashing(some of them were even game crushing for some) ,rebalancing,code re-writing and of course,improvement. For me,this version is stable and polished enough for a Steam Workshop release!(if anyone is willing to help me with the workshop,please PM me.I would be grateful. :D)

For a more detailed review of what I have done in this version,make sure to check out the description(and the corresponding readme file) in the download section of the new version!

And now for a bit (ahistorical) sneak peek.

In my previous article,I had mentioned that you could form the Imperium of Man as an easter egg.

While the Sisters of Battle one is already finished,the same cannot be told for the Imperium of Man. Thus,as I was already meddling with the mod code and structure(and the other Warhammer 40k mods that I know are discontinued unfortunately) ,I decided to properly add them as an optional fascist path,activated by event with ''cryptic'' prerequisites(or boot-up the command prompt and type the corresponding event command found in the events file,if you know what you are doing ;) ). Screenshot 422

Of course,this does NOT change the alternative history and somewhat realistic nature of this mod,it just adds a bit more ''ahistorical'' and alternative (and optional) flavor to it!

As always,if you have any suggestions or anything to report,please do so (if you have a modb account) in the corresponding forum section of the mod. If you do not however,then comment on the download section.This very helpful to me as I can easily find what you are writing to me in an organized manner. Moreover,if you would like to make a review of the mod,try to do a fairly detailed one. Even these are much contributory to the development of the mod!

That is for now,take care and have fun! :D

Purple Phoenix v1.4

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