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You are going to need some serious fire power to take down horrifying inter-dimensional nightmares! Here's an update on the abilities you will gain!

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*A new screenshot of how the cutscenes are portrayed in Kitty is now in the images section! Did you know that all the cutscenes in Kitty are told through a creepy children's storybook?*

I wanted to give a clarification on the sort of abilities you will be gaining in Kitty. I've just been beta testing a new ability and it looks and works great! Now as always, I will NOT tell you what the abilities do individually (that would ruin all the fun of discovery!) instead I want to give an explanation on how you will be using them and where you will find them!

Something I was always fond of in the Metroid series when I was a kid was the excitement of gaining new abilities. They were all so new and mysterious to me and I loved discovering them. On top of that, you would keep gaining new abilities that would make Samus stronger and stronger as the game progressed. That is the sort of thing that I am doing with Kitty.

In Kitty you will gain abilities that will alter your appearance and stick with you for the remainder of the game. Some abilities are found while others are gained from boss battles. Without giving too much away about the beginning of Kitty, I will say that you start off extremely weak and helpless. It won't be until later that you will start to become much more powerful through abilities. As I stated in my previous article about the monsters of Kitty, I said that I was striving to create an iconic form of monster that was unique to only Kitty. Well same goes for the abilities, I am trying my best to create abilities that are unlike any abilities you've seen in video games.

One clear function of abilities in Kitty (As you can probably guess) is that they are a necessity to solving puzzles. Puzzles that will require a clever way of thinking and a good eye to figure out how they are solved. On top of solving puzzles you will also use abilities to expose weaknesses of bosses. Every boss in Kitty will have their own specific weak spot that can be revealed through careful combinations of weapons, abilities, and timing. Do you think you have the courage to tackle the horrifying creatures from Kitty?


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