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Spread the word: the new songs of TPC OST are available for listening. Another hour of music but now faster, more complex in composition and heavier awaits to be listened to; a result of all the reflection on votes, wishes, critics and suggestions of The Protectors Community. Take an active move on this organic interaction: Vote the new songs of TPC OST and suggest improvements on TPC Forum!

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The Truthful Tale behind TPC OST 2:

Not too long ago, in a frozen cave on the Realms of Death, a group of Dwarven musicians with a composer were standing there for the future of TPC OST. Strangely, this is all due to an old book preserved in there by the cold: It is written in page 2587 of “The Return of The Dragonlords”, that:

“[…] a creepy and powerful OST will be evoked by an insane, evil wizard that wants nothing less than the extermination of all Fey and High Elves from the face of Etheria. He will cast some New Chaos Magic on the songs for this particular achievement: When hearing the songs, all Fey's and Elf’s head will turn into a balloon and will eventually pop. No one will ever know why he has so much hate in his stoned heart. The only thing to be done is […]” And, unfortunately, the rest was burned. The Dwarven group waited for the fulfillment of this Prophecy, since some of them wanted to see Elves injured and the composer wished, on his knees, that somehow, the evil wizard could teach him some new musical scales.

Time passes by. All were waiting for this great wizard, and… Alas! Astonishing! Everyone in the frozen cave were speechless, because…it seems that …. nothing happened. Really. The musical group kept waiting in that frozen cave and nothing more than that.

So, worried about that entire spectacle (or the lack of it), a long debate started among the Dwarfs concerning the last words of the prophecy: “Must we wait and see lads?” some asked, “Should we start a new reading of the book?” others proposed.

At last, after some beers taken, all Dwarfs concluded and said in unison: “The only thing to be done is… compose the OST ourselves...” With this new “odyssey”, the composer returned with the musicians to the studio, feeling lower than ever.

Vote the new songs of TPC OST and suggest improvements on TPC Forum!

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