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Stellar Assault FSO has finally gone public. And with that, we would like to put out a few opening remarks.

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After the past few months of rapid production and development, the two of us (AndrewofDoom and I) would like to say that it feels good to finally have something we can truly call a solid start to a project that both of us have a lot of enthusiasm for.

Now it is not lost on either of us that Stellar Assault is not a well known Sega Franchise, and even for those who have heard of the games may be shocked to see that someone could have liked the games enough to want to make a free fan-based indie around them. But here it is.

The challenge posed by such a project is not lost on us either, however, we have received a lot of encouragement from both friends outside the Freespace community, and within. And we have a lot more surprises in store.

Work has continued at pace, new concepts and models are made every week and while it is still far too early to guess when the TC will be completed, the pace work has been done has been promising. The project itself is only about 2 months old (8 if you count the six months I spent alone working on models before bringing it to the attention of the Freespace community.)

The biggest challenge, more than anything, is trying to build enthusiasm for a game that no one has heard of in over 15 years!

Thanks for reading, and keep checking back!
-The Stellar Assault Team

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