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The mod and its full release is coming very soon, so just wait tight 'till it's done.

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I wasn't lying when i said before that the house was gonna be massive, but i do have to say that building this thing is actually very hard, and its mostly because of the neighbor and his behavior (witch is still in progress of being added), but dont worry about that! the mod is going to release sooner than you might think, but for that i need time, so i ask you guys to be patient.

Now, lets talk about the mod itself and what will come with it:

1. It is going to contain 3 acts (and maybe a fourth one), The act one is going to revolve in a small house with a little peak to the basement. The act 2 will be in a really big house witch is the one on the preview image of this article, this house will have some reused puzzles from the full game and some new ones that i made up. And finally, the act 3 that will take place in the basement, witch will hopefully be a really big sized one compared to the one that was in act 1.

2.There will be new models for plenty of things, some where extracted from the full game and made into bp's and others made by the team that did "Athenas Home". Credits to those awesome people! They made a really cool mod witch is right here:

3. A hole lot of easter eggs that will be around the house and map, see if you can find them all!

The mod will be available on the begginings of February, so give me time and ill make something big for everyone to enjoy!

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