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Sneak Peek To The Environment, New Props and Buildings.

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Hey All.

-- Videos and Screenshots that we shared are captured directly from actual gameplay.

We have made some progress with the rest of the city. We have recorded new video to demonstrate what we have added so far. We have also updated website. Our community is growing and actually, this is great. If you are an indie game company, you need a "real" community to criticize and review your work, to show you the missing points of your game. We almost take into account every single comment, every single message that we have received from our community, and directly taking action. They always let you see your own work with different perspectives. Its crucial.

Sneak Peek To The Environment

Of course there are lot more to come, lot more to design and prepare for the city. But we have come so far that our base buildings are almost completed, u of them. We will continue modelling a Mall, Hospital and Gas station. There are more than 250 places to use as safehouse, and over 450 different locations to loot.

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We are also working hard to optimize our map. Its is crucial to let users play with low profile computers. Every prop that we use have different level of details. Even if we purchase a model without LODS, we are creating them. We are taking lots of feedback about game optimizations. Morever, gamers started sending their system configurations for us to consider if their computer setup will be able to run game over 30 frames or not.


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We are working hard to fit even a single prop to the scene. Also we are taking into accout for places that players to take cover during gun fights. Every single prop’s position, rotation and sizes are calculated to best fit to the scene.

OJeskulke - - 94 comments

Quite a challenge with a big map like this I guess. But good to see you are making progress!

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Quaso Author
Quaso - - 30 comments

Thanks ojekulke. :) Yeah. Buildings with full interiors are really challenging. :)

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Taquito - - 391 comments

The city looks amazing. It does need a bit more garbage around and tons of Graffiti pretty much everywhere to look more ghetto.

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Rockenman - - 16 comments

Looks good.

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