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Posting more news on whats to come for the newest version of HL: Redux.

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Hello again!

Well, we would like to say that progress has been going good so far, for the Version 3 release of this mod!

I made a GUI for HL:R to easily edit the graphical settings, get updates, addons, and other little bits of informations. I also made the GUI so Steam users can get a old WON feel to Half-Life again.

We also started using Ripent to make changes to the Half-Life maps to add in and edit things. I added new models like the construction worker, female barney, clean suit scientist, op4 enemies, new zombies including gus zombie. We are also adding props to the map to give it more of a updated feel. Some of the monsters have been moved around to keep you on your toes when you play Half-Life again.

Now for some future things to talk about. I'll have to use PARANOIA's render, till the developer if Raven City makes a release, when he wants to. so yea...

So thanks for keeping up with the mod, I hope to get V3 out before 2012 starts so people can play through the classic story of Half-Life again!


2 things: Theres a typo in "toes" :P and will this have multiplayer?

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so good luck hope you can get it out in the next couple days since it's now 12/29

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