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A gathering of four friends results in 25 textured and roughly in-game PN units for Conflict Terra.

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Yesterday the Conflict Terra Development Team and two of our friends gathered in a friend's basement to make the first major "push" in texturing the large (and growing) backlog of untextured models for PN units. We started sometime around 2pm, and packed up around midnight, so it was more or less 10 hours of work.

Using free pizza as incentive for our friends to help us, we managed to make a decent dent in all of the units needed to finish the PN's roster. Starting with the early, Tech Level 1 economy buildings and defensive structures, we eventually made it to a Tech Level 1 mech factory and a handful of early tanks.

Curses flew as errors seemed to impede progress at every turn. Using Wings3D and Photoshop to achieve our goals, Wings3D liked to flat-out not work at times for everyone but myself and another one of our friends who was texturing units. To add to that, our two friends' experience with texturing units for Spring ranged from little to none at all. So, helping them along required added time.

Since I have the most experience with the scripting aspect of getting a unit in-game, I was on Upspring and script duty, finishing the final steps for the units that the other three would finish. I contributed to a few units early on, but it didn't take long before models were backing up and I had to really work to keep up. As a whole I didn't do much to get these units into their positions. I used similar NKG scripts as a starting point, changed names, and made sure the animations were all straight. Beyond that, it's up to Oksnoop2 to get the PN going.

Here is a list of the units we textured and got in-game, for those who are curious:

  • Construction Vehicle
  • Mech Factory
  • Amphibious Artillery
  • Amphibious Resurrection Tank
  • Field Gun
  • Field Cannon
  • Field Battery
  • Floating Field Battery
  • Advanced Energy Storage
  • Field Metal Maker
  • Floating Field Metal Maker
  • Field Metal Storage
  • Solar Collector
  • Tidal Collector
  • Wall
  • Sea Wall
  • Torpedo Launcher
  • Spread Rocket Anti-Air Turret
  • Naval Series Spread Rocket Anti-Air Turret
  • Light Mine
  • Naval Series Light Mine
  • Field Laser
  • Naval Series Field Laser
  • Field Radar
  • Naval Series Field Radar
We decided to try and get these units, and the handful pre-existing PN units, in a better state of completion before we move onto the next batch of PN units, but we were happy with progress. I predicted an output of 30 units, and Oksnoop2 predicted an output of 5, so I think we did alright. Our minds numb and sloppy, we decided to pack it up and head home.

So, the PN is getting there!

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